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Erwerb der Rationalitaet in der Identifikation der Menschheit

Mikirtumov, I., 2014, Krise der lokalen Kulturen und die philosophische Suche nach Identitaet. Eds.: Hofmeister H., Mikirtumov I.. Peter Lang, p. 231 стр., 165-176

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Essentially Nonlinear Strain Waves in Solids with Complex Internal Structure.

Porubov, A. V., 2009, Mechanics of Microstructured Solids Cellular Materials, Fibre Reinforced Solids and Soft Tissues, J.-F. Ganghoffer and Franco Pastrone (Eds.). Springer, p. 119–126

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Estetyka teksty medialnego: zarys problema

Цветова, Н. С., 2019, Współczesne media: Problemy i metody badań nad mediami. Люблин (Польша): Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej, Vol. 2. p. 3-12 9 p. 1

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Estimate of the exponential decay of linear delay systems via the Lyapunov matrix

Egorov, A. V. & Mondie, S., 2016, Recent Results on Time-Delay Systems (Advances in Delays and Dynamics). Springer

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Estimating Asymmetric Dynamic Distributions in High Dimensions

Anatolyev, S., Khabibullin, R. & Prokhorov, A., 27 Mar 2017, Assymetric Dependence in Finance: Diversification, Correlation and Portfolio Management in Market Downturns. Wiley-Blackwell, p. 169-195 27 p.

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Distribution dynamics
Multivariate distribution
Stock index

Ethics. Ideals and Realities.

Ramaprasad, J., Ji, D., Zhou, R., Paulino, F. O., Pasti, S., Gavra, D., Wasserman, H. & Ndlovu, M., 22 Nov 2017, Contemporary BRICS Journalism: Non-Western Media in Transition. Taylor & Francis, p. 72-103 32 p.

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Ethnic and religious relations in Russia since the 1980s / Gribanova, G. // The Social History of Post-Communist Russia.  

Грибанова, Г. И., 2016, The Social History of Post-Communist Russia.. London and New York: Routledge, p. 209-228 20 p.

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Ethnic Diversity and Cultural Clash in Saint Petersburg Press: [Chapter XIII]

Vinogradova, S. & Shaldenkova, T., 2008, The Dialogue of Cultural Traditions: Global Perspective (Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change Series I, Culture and Values). Council for Research in Values & Philosophy, p. 645 стр., 203-213

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ETS and DEAS studies of the reduction of xenobiotics in mitochondrial intermembrane space

Pshenichnyuk, S. A. & Modelli, A., 2015, Mitochondrial Medicine. Volume II: Manipulating Mitochondrial Function /Weissig Volkmar, Edeas Marvin (Eds.). - (Methods in molecular biology. Vol. 1265) 10.1007/978-1-4939-2288-8. Springer, p. 285-305

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Euler integral symmetries for confluent Heun equation and symmetries of Painlev'e equation P5 (Chapter 30)

Kazakov, A. Y. & Slavyanov, S. Y., 2012, Painleve equations and related topics: Proceedings of the International Conference, Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 17-23, 2011/Ed. by Bruno Alexander D. and Batkhin Alexander B. - (De Gruyter Proceedings in Mathematics). De Gruyter, p. 274, 237-240

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Eurasian Basin

Savin, V. A., Avetisov, G. P., Artem'eva, D. E., Bezumov, D. V., Chernykh, A. A., Glebovsky, V. Y., Kazanin, G. S. & Piskarev, A. L., 11 Jun 2018, Geologic Structures of the Arctic Basin. Springer, p. 105-155 51 p.

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magnetic anomalies
magnetic anomaly
abyssal plain

Eurasian Economic Union: The First Successful Russian Regional Trade Agreement?

Sherov-Ignatev, V. G., 31 May 2019, Russian Trade Policy: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects. Sutyrin, S., Trofimenko, O. & Koval, A. (eds.). New York: Taylor & Francis, p. 103-128 (Routledge Studies in the European Economy).

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Eurasian Economic Union and the Latin America: Framework of the Cooperation

Лагутина, М. Л. & Лапенко, М., 2017, Eurasia-Latin America Strategic Engagement and Comparative Perspectives in Politics and Economics: monograph. González Levaggi, A., Zholdasbekova, A. & Narlı, N. (eds.). Астана: Kultegin, p. 161-177

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Eurasian Economic Union in the Russian Foreign Policy

Лагутина, М. Л. & Васильева, Н. А., 2017, Russia and the World: Understanding International Relations. Tsvetkova, N. (ed.). Rowman & Littlefield, p. 307-325 18 p. 15

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Eurasian Integration of Belarus as Path-Dependence

Treshchenkov, E., 2020, Regional Integration and Future Cooperation Initiatives in the Eurasian Economic Union. Lagutina, M. (ed.). New York: IGI Global, p. 174-192

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path dependence
economic union
political elite
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EUROBRIDGE: New insight into the geodynamic evolution of the East European Craton

Bogdanova, S., Gorbatschev, R., Grad, M., Janik, T., Guterch, A., Kozlovskaya, E., Motuza, G., Skridlaite, G., Starostenko, V., Taran, L., Astapenko, V. N., Belinsky, A. A., Garetsky, R. G., Karatayev, G. I., Terletsky, V. V., Zlotski, G., Jensen, S. L., Knudsen, M. E., Thybo, H., Sand, R. & 30 others, Komminaho, K., Luosto, U., Tiira, T., Yliniemi, J., Giese, R., Makris, J., Čečys, A., Jacyna, J., Korabliova, L., Nasedkin, V., Rimsa, A., Sečkus, R., Czuba, W., Gaczyński, E., Środa, P., Wilde-Piórko, M., Bibikova, E., Claesson, S., Elming, S. A., Lund, C. E., Mansfeld, J., Page, L., Sundblad, K., Doody, J. J., Downes, H., Buryanov, V. B., Egorova, T. P., Il'chenko, T. V., Makarenko, I. B. & Skobelev, V. M., 1 Dec 2006, European Lithosphere Dynamics. Gee, D. G. & Stephenson, R. A. (eds.). p. 599-625 27 p. (Geological Society Memoir; vol. 32).

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Europe and its diversity: Dealing with Human Resources Management in Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine

Ltukha, M., 2018, The Routledge Companion to European Business. Suder, G., Lindeque, J. L. & Riviere, M. (eds.). London: Routledge, p. 225-236 11 p.

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Europeanisation and Russia

Романова, Т. А., 2018, The European Union and Its Eastern Neighbourhood. Europeanisation and its twenty-first-century contradictions. Manchester University Press

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European labour markets, labour markets’ performance and employment policies

Shershneva, E., 2009, The economic Europe: course syllabuses : module of the MA programme Studies in European societies. Интерсоцис

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employment policy
European market
labor market
study program

European Yearbook of International Economic Law 2015: Европейский Ежегодник Международного Экономического Права 2015

Ломагин, Н. А., 2015, Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade: Quality and Quantity from and Economic Perspective. Herrmann, C. (ed.). Springer ed. Berlin, Vol. 6. p. 43-60 18 p. (European Yearbook of International Economic Law; vol. 6, no. 6 (2015)).

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Europe-Russia-United States: Whither Are We Drifting?

Katsy, D., Sacko, D. H. & Khudoley, K., 2008, The United States, Russia and China: Confronting Global Terrorism and Security Challenges in the 21st Century. ABC-CLIO, p. 228 стр., 123-138

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EU-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation

Сергунин, А. А. & Kuznetsov, B., 2019, Post-Crimea Shift in EU-Russia Relations: From Fostering Interdependence to Managing Vulnerabilities. Raik, K. & Racz, A. (eds.). Tallinn: Rahvusvaheline Kaitseuuringute Keskus SA, p. 222-249 28 p.

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EU-Russian Energy Dialogue: Current Challenges and Perspectives

Romanova, T., 2009, Unión Europea y Rusia. ¿Competencia o cooperación?. Unión Europea y Rusia. ¿Competencia o cooperación?, p. 266 стр., 189-208

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EU–Russian Energy Relations. Do Institutions Stand the Test?

Романова, Т. А., 2018, EU–Russia Relations in Crisis. Routledge

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EU – Russian Relations

Romanova, T., 2017, Russia and the World. Understanding International Relations. Rowman & Littlefield

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Evaluation of the Lyapunov exponent for stochastic dynamical systems with event synchronization

Krivulin, N., 2012, Recent Researches in Circuits, Systems, Multimedia and Automatic Control. Vol. 1 of Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering Series.. WSEAS - World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society, p. 226 стр., 152-157

Research output

Stochastic Dynamical Systems
Lyapunov Exponent
Continuous uniform distribution
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Evaluation of the mean cycle time in stochastic discrete event dynamic systems

Кривулин, Н. К., 2011, QTNA '11: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Queueing Theory and Network Applications. Kim, B., Lee, H. W., Hwang, G. U. & Shin, Y. W. (eds.). Association for Computing Machinery, p. 93-100

Research output

Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
Dynamical systems
Exponential distribution

Evaporation of organic acids aqueous solutions through spread films of polyelectrolyte/surfactant complexes

Kuznetsov, V., Akentiev, A. & Rakhimov, V., 1 Jan 2017, Organic Acids: Characteristics, Properties and Synthesis. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., p. 113-125 13 p.

Research outputpeer-review

Organic acids
Surface-Active Agents

Evolução econômica do Mercosul: relações com a Organização Mundial do Comércio (OMC)

Dantas, A. T. & Koval, A., 2010, América: visões e versões - identidades em confronto. 7Letras, p. 138 стр., 9-17

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Evolution of Risk-Statuses in One Model of Tax Control

Kumacheva, S., Gubar, E., Zhitkova, E. & Tomilina, G., 2018, Frontiers of Dynamic Games. Birkhäuser Verlag AG, p. 121-138

Research outputpeer-review

Evolution of the Translation Termination System in Eukaryotes.

Zhouravleva, G., Tarasov, O., Schepachev, V., Moskalenko, S., Abramson, N. & Inge-Vechtomov, S., 2008, Biosphere origin and evolution. Springer. N.Dobretsov et al. (eds.). Springer, p. 427 стр., 277- 287

Research output

Evolution’s Puzzle in Social Sciences and Humanities

Rezaev, A. V., Starikov, V. S. & Tregubova, N. D., 2015, Mitigating Inequality: Higher Education Research, Policy and Practice in an Era of Massification and Stratification. Teranishi, R., Pazlich, L. B., Knobel, M. & Allen, W. (eds.). Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., (Advances in Education in Diverse Communities Research Policy and Praxis; vol. 11).

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Exercise addiction

Szabo, A. & Egorov, A. Y., 2015, Sport and Exercise Psychology/ A. M. Lane (Ed.). 2nd. ed., London: Routledge.. p. 176-206

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Existence of a dictatorial subgroup in social choice with independent subgroup utility scales, an alternative proof

Khmelnitskaya, A. B., 2010, Collective decision making: views from social choice and game theory, A. van Deemen and A. Rusinowska (eds.). Theory and Decision Library C. van Deemen, A. & Rusinowska, A. (eds.). Springer, p. 111-123 13 p. (Theory and Decision Library C; vol. 43).

Research output

Experience on Sustainable Develoment in Higher Education in St.-Petersburg in Russia

Shelest, K. D. & Ionov, V. V., 2008, Learning for a Sustainable Future - Innovative Solutions from the Baltic Sea Region. Edited by Rohweder L., Virtanen A.. Издательство Балтийского федерального университета им. И. Канта, p. р. 67-75

Research output

Experimental equipment and technique

Egorov, N. & Sheshin, E., 1 Jan 2017, Springer Series in Advanced Microelectronics. Springer, p. 43-114 72 p. (Springer Series in Advanced Microelectronics; vol. 60).

Research output

Electron microscopes
Field emission microscopes
Microscopic examination

Experimental Facilities and Modelling for Rarefied Aerodynamics

Kustova, E., Krylov, A., Lashkov, V. & Mekhonoshina, M., 2011, RTO-EN-AVT-194 - Models and Computational Methods for Rarefied Flows. NATO Science and Technology Organization, p. 624, 20 стр.

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Experimental preservation of an arctic settlement Piramida on Spitzbergen: A Russian view of the 120 hours 2015 architectural competition

Staniukovich-Denisova, E., 1 Jan 2018, Architectural Conservation and Restoration in Norway and Russia. Taylor & Francis, p. 187-201 15 p.

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Experimental study of diffusion anisotropy of clay formations.

Rumynin, V. G., Pankina, E. B., Nikulenkov, A. M. & Glukhova, M. P., 2012, Anisotropy Research: New Developments.. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., p. 230., 85–106

Research output

experimental study

Explicit solution of a tropical optimization problem with application to project scheduling

Krivulin, N., 2013, Mathematical Methods and Optimization Techniques in Engineering: Proc. 1st Intern. Conf. on Optimization Techniques in Engineering (OTENG '13), Antalya, Turkey, October 8-10, 2013. WSEAS - World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society, p. 242 стр., 39-45

Research output

Project Scheduling
Explicit Solution
Optimization Problem
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Exploring influence and interests among users within social networks

Simoes, J., Kiseleva, J., Sivogolovko, E. & Novikov, B., 1 Aug 2012, Computational Social Networks: Security and Privacy. Springer, Vol. 9781447140511. p. 177-206 30 p.

Research output

Social sciences

Exploring the Role of Networks in the Creative Economy of North East England: Economic and Cultural Dynamics

Comunian, R., 2012, Encounters and Engagements between Economic and Cultural Geography. Springer, p. 143-157

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Exportorientierte integrierte Produktions- und Logistikplanung

Richter, K. & Pishchulov, G., 2008, Die Kunst des Modellierens: Mathematisch-ökonomische Modelle (Studienbücher Wirtschaftsmathematik). Vieweg+Teubner Verlag, p. 429 – 440

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Expression of concessive meaning in Indonesian

Ogloblin, A. K. & Kramarova, S. G., 2012, Typology of concessive constractions. LINCOM GmbH, p. 584 стр., 300-322

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External fixation: A brochure containing useful information for patients

Solomin, L. N., Vorontsova, T. N. & Ershov, V. V., 1 Jan 2012, The Basic Principles of External Skeletal Fixation Using the Ilizarov and Other Devices. Springer, p. 1495-1518 24 p.

Research output

Bone and Bones
Internal Fixators

External fixation at the Vreden Russian research institute of traumatology and orthopedics

Solomin, L. N., 1 Jan 2012, The Basic Principles of External Skeletal Fixation Using the Ilizarov and Other Devices. Springer, p. 257-300 44 p.

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Extreme value distributions

Ahsanullah, M. & Nevzorov, V. B., 2008, Topics in extreme values. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., p. 207 стр., 1-25

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Fair channel sharing by Wi-Fi and LTE-U networks with equal priority

GARNAEV, ANDREY., Trappe, W. & Sagari, S., 2016, CROWNCOM 2016. Springer, p. 91-103 (Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering,; vol. 172).

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Open Access
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Fair Scheduling of Two-Hop Transmission with Energy Harvesting

GARNAEV, ANDREY. & Trappe, W., 2018, Ad Hoc Networks. Springer, p. 189-198 (Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering; vol. 223).

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Fälle in der Mischkulanz. Zur gegenwärtigen experimentellen Poesie in Österreich

Каминская, Ю. В., 2015, Österreichische Gegenwartsliteratur / herausgegeben von Hermann Korte. Edition Text und Kritik in Richard Boorberg Verlag GmbH and Co. KG, p. 253-288 (Text + Kritik. Zeitschrift für Literatur. Sonderband).

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