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Kaminsky, V. D., Piskarev, A. L., Poselov, V. A. & Mosher, D. C., 11 Jun 2018, Geologic Structures of the Arctic Basin. Springer, p. 373-375 3 p.

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Consciousness, learning, and control: on the path to a theory

Аллахвердов, В. М., Филиппова, М. Г., Гершкович, В. А., Карпинская, В. Ю., Scott, T. & Владыкина, Н., 2019, Implicit learning: 50 years on. Клирманс, А., Аллахвердов, В. & Кувалдина, М. (eds.). Routledge, p. 71-108

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Consonant features in spontaneous and read-aloud Russian (Гл. из коллективной монографии)

Tananaiko, S. & Vasilieva, L., 2009, Phonetics of Russian and Finnish: сб. - Frankfurt am Main : Peter Lang, 2009. - 189 p. - ISBN 978-3-631-57932-9. Peter Lang, p. 189, 115-133

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Consulting work in a project organization. A case study of organization X/ Chapter 10

Zamulin, A., 2008, New challenges to managing organizations in project business. Аграф-Пресс, p. 408 стр., 222-238

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Contaminant sorption and transport by suspended particles with runoff

Rumynin, V. G., 1 Jan 2015, Theory and Applications of Transport in Porous Media. Springer, p. 133-173 41 p. (Theory and Applications of Transport in Porous Media; vol. 26).

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Contemporary rationality in the Context of Russian Business Culture

Tangalycheva, R. K., 2010, Max Weber and Russia. Oittinen, V. (ed.). Helsinki University Press, p. 198 стр., 143-157 (Aleksanteri Series; vol. 2/2010).

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Contemporary Russian-Brazilian trade relations

Коваль, А. Г. & Dantas, A., 2019, Russian Trade Policy Achievements, Challenges and Prospects. Routledge, p. 221-242

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Contemporary Structure of the Russian Media Industry

Vartanova, E. & Smirnov, S., 2010, Rosenholm A., Nordenstreng, E. Trubina (eds). Russian Mass Media and Changing Values. (Web of Science). Taylor & Francis

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Contrapunctur 5

Милка, А. П., 2017, Rethinking J.S. Bach's The Art of Fugue. Taylor & Francis, p. 189-196

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Contrasts and Solutions in the Caucasus: Geopolitical after-effect of disintegration of the USSR and reanimation of the Eurasia idea

Moutaguirov, D. Z., Lehmann, H., Peterson, T., Oberg, J., Funch, L., Hansen, T., Karlson, K-G., Teisen, S., Girogosian, R. & Zolyan, T., 1998, Contrasts and Solutions in the Caucassus.: Geopolitical after-effect of disintegration of the USSR and reanimation of the Eurasia idea. Hoiris, O. & Yurukel, S. M. (eds.). Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, p. 47 - 58 20 p. 4

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Control of surface waviness

Morozov, N. F. & Tovstik, P. E., 1 Jan 2012, Advanced Dynamics and Model-Based Control of Structures and Machines. Springer, p. 159-166 8 p.

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Converting the Outcomes of Citizens' Discourses in the Cyberspace into Policy Inputs for More Democratic and Effective Government

Misnikov, Y., Filatova, O. & Chugunov, A., 2017, BEYOND BUREAUCRACY: TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE GOVERNANCE INFORMATISATION. Paulin, AA., Anthopoulos, LG. & Reddick, CG. (eds.). Springer, p. 259-287 29 p. (Public Administration and Information Technology; vol. 25).

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Cooperation with Technology Switching

Yeung, D. W. K. & Petrosyan, LA., 2016, SUBGAME CONSISTENT COOPERATION: A COMPREHENSIVE TREATISE. Springer, p. 405-437 33 p. (Theory and Decision Library Series C-Game Theory Mathematical Programming and Operations Research; vol. 47).

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Cooperative differential games with transferable payoffs

Petrosyan, L. A. & Zaccour, G., 12 Aug 2018, Handbook of Dynamic Game Theory. Springer, p. 595-632 38 p.

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Cooperative Game
Differential Games
Time Consistency
Cooperative Control

Corporate social responsibility and financial reporting Separate pasts and common future in integrated reporting

Соловей, Т. Н., Jul 2019, Corporate social responsibility and financial reporting Separate pasts and common future in integrated reporting. Schmidpeter, R., Capaldi, N., Idowu, S. O. & Stürenberg Herrera, A. (eds.). Springer, (CSR, Sustainability, Ethics and Governance).

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Corporate Tax Residence and Mobility: EATLP International Tax Series

Килинкарова, Е. В., Савицкий, А. И., Пустовалов, Е. В. & Захаров, Е. А., Jun 2018, Corporate Tax Residence and Mobility: Russia. p. 505-524 20 p.

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Corruption in the Retail Industry

Aßländer, M. & Сторчевой, М. А., 2017, The Handbook of Business and Corruption: Cross-Sectoral Experiences. Aßländer, M. S. & Hudson, S. (eds.). Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., p. 481-505 25 p.

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Retail industry
Retail sector

Cost-saving joint venture under uncertainty

Yeung, D. W. K. & Petrosyan, L. A., 1 Jan 2012, Static and Dynamic Game Theory: Foundations and Applications. 9780817682613 ed. Birkhäuser Verlag AG, p. 239-270 32 p. (Static and Dynamic Game Theory: Foundations and Applications; no. 9780817682613).

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Shapley Value
Infinite Horizon
Cost savings

Counter-Terrorism as Part of Strategic Communication: The EU’s Experience and Possibilities for Russia

Bazarkina, D., 16 Nov 2019, Strategic Communication in EU-Russia Relations: Tensions, Challenges and Opportunities. Pashentsev, E. (ed.). Cham : Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., p. 313-357

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Coverage of Nordic Countries in North-Western Media of Russia

Bodrunova, S., 1 Mar 2019, Russia in Nordic News Media : Coverage of Nordic Countries in News Media of Russia. Kabel, L. (ed.). Nordic Journalist Centre, Vol. 1. p. 91-96

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C-reactive protein: Fc-gamma receptormediated effects on human peripheral blood basophils in vitro

Nazarov, P. G., Pronina, A. P. & Trulioff, A. S., 2009, C-reactive protein: Fc-gamma receptormediated effects on human peripheral blood basophils in vitro. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., p. 353, 147-169

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C-reactive protein: Fc-gamma receptor-mediated effects on human peripheral blood basophils in vitro.

Nazarov, P. G., Pronina, A. P. & Trulioff, A. S., 2009, C-Reactive Protein: New Research. Editor S. Nagasawa.. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., p. 324с.,147-169

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C-reactive protein: Fc receptor-mediated effects on human peripheral blood basophils.

Nazarov, P. G., Pronina, A. P. & Trulioff, A. S., 2011, Basophil Granulocytes. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., p. 128c. 95-121

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Creating a talent management agenda for a global environment

Latukha, M., Veselova, A., Veselova, L., Poor, J., Feher, J., Tikhonova, V., Selivanovskikh, L., MacLennan, M. L., Vouga Chueke, G., Marinova, S., Panibratov, A. & Klishevich, D., 2018, Talent Management in Global Organizations: A Cross-Country Perspective. Latukha, M. (ed.). Cham, CH: Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., p. 343-349 7 p.

Research outputpeer-review

Talent management
Global environment
Management practices

Creating shared value in emerging markets: evidence from a new Russian experience.

Blagov, Y. E., 2013, The shared value debate. Academic visions on corporate sustainability. Egea SpA, p. 156, 109-115

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Creation of the Substantive Core of the Polysemantic Verb of Partial Relations “part->whole”

Трофимова, Н. А. & Киселева, С. В., 2015, Understanding Meaning and Knowlwdge Representation: from Theoretical and Cognitive Linguistics to Natural Language Processing. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, p. 83-107 24 p.

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Cretaceous Bryozoa from central Colombia: preliminary results of the “Hidrosogamoso” expedition.

Ostrovsky, A. N., Luque, J., Cadena, E. A., Perez, C. N., Souto-Derungs, J., Taylor, P. D. & Jaramillo, C., 2015, Cretaceous Bryozoa from central Colombia: preliminary results of the “Hidrosogamoso” expedition..

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Crystal chemistry of ion-exchanged forms of zorite, a natural analogue of the ETS-4 titanosilicate material

Spiridonova, D. V., Krivovichev, S. V., Britvin, S. N. & Yakovenchuk, V. N., 2013, Minerals as Advanced Materials II. Springer, p. 438, 199-204

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Crystal Chemistry of Uranium Oxides and Minerals

Krivovichev, S. V., 2013, Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry II. Elsevier, p. 611-640

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Crystal chemistry
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Crystal lattice defects as natural light emitting nanostructures in semiconductors

Vyvenko, O. & Bondarenko, A., 1 Jan 2019, Springer Series in Chemical Physics. Springer, p. 405-436 32 p. (Springer Series in Chemical Physics; vol. 119).

Research outputpeer-review

Crystal defects
Stacking faults
crystal lattices
Crystal lattices
crystal defects

Crystallization of calcium oxalate hydrates by interaction of apatites and fossilized tooth tissue with fungus aspergillus niger

Zelenskaya, M. S., Rusakov, A. V., Frank-Kamenetskaya, O. V., Vlasov, D. Y., Izatulina, A. R. & Kuz’mina, M. A., 2020, Processes and Phenomena on the Boundary Between Biogenic and Abiogenic Nature: Conference proceedings. Frank-Kamenetskaya, O. V., Vlasov, D. Y., Panova, E. G. & Lessovaia, S. N. (eds.). Cham: Springer, p. 581-603 23 p. (Lecture Notes in Earth System Sciences).

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Crystal structure of murataite Mu-5, a member of the murataite-pyrochlore polysomatic series

Krivovichev, S. V., Urusov, V. S., Yudintsev, S. V., Stefanovsky, S. V., Karimova, O. V. & Organova, N. N., 2012, Minerals as Advanced Materials II. p. 293-304

Research output

crystal structure
radioactive waste

Cs-exchanged cuprosklodowskite

Zolotarev, A. A., Krivovichev, S. V. & Avdontseva, M. S., 2012, Minerals as Advanced Materials II. Springer, p. 427, 163-166

Research output

ion exchange
waste disposal
radioactive waste

Current issues concerning the mechanism of pristine TiO2 photocatalysis and the effects on photonic crystal nanostructures

Mendive, C. B., Curti, M. & Bahnemann, D., 2016, Photocatalysis: Fundamentals and Perspectives. 14 ed. Royal Society of Chemistry, Vol. 2016-January. p. 51-79 29 p. (RSC Energy and Environment Series; vol. 2016-January, no. 14).

Research output

technological development
Photonic crystals

Customer orientation in emerging markets: concepts and empirical tests

Rozhkov, A. G., Smirnova, M. M. & Rebiazina, V. A., 2015, Emerging Markets and the Future of BRIC Nations. Edward Elgar Publishing, p. 170-189

Research output

Customer orientation
Emerging markets
Empirical test
Customer needs
Relationship building

Customer Service/ Section II. Logistics Activities, Chapter 6

Germain, R. & Whitworth, W., 2008, Logistics Engineering Handbook. Taylor & Francis, p. 640 стр., 61-69

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Kostikov, R. R. & Baird, M. S., 2009, Science of Synthesis. Georg Thieme Verlag, p. 830,615–646

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Cyprinidae: Cultrinae, Acheilognathinae, Gobioninae; Catostomidae, Bagridae, Ictaluridae, Siluridae

Насека, А. М., 1997, Аннотированный каталог круглоротых и рыб континентальных вод России. Издательство "Наука", p. 220

Research output

Cловарь-справочник "Риторика М.В. Ломоносова": источники и тексты.

Волков, С. С., 2013, Филологическое наследие М.В. Ломоносова. Издательство Санкт-Петербургского университета, p. 477 стр.; 17 - 35

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Daily Support Across Cultural Context: A Comparison of Daily Support Experiences of Young Families in Four Cultural Contexts.

Schoebi, D., Wang, Z., Ababkov, V. & Perrez, M., 2010, Support Processes in Intimate Relationships. Oxford University Press, p. 384 стр., 335-359

Research output

Das mittelaterliche Livland und seine Nachbarmächte: Äußere Beziehungen im späten 14. Und 15. Jahrhundert

Филюшкин, А. И., Oct 2018, Das Balticum. Geschichte einer europäischen Region. Band 1. Von der Vor- und Frühgeschichte bis zum Ende des Mittelalters. Stuttgart: Hiesemann Verlag, Vol. 1. p. 397-422

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Das Shculwesen in der Russischen Foderation

Шатилов, А. С., 15 Sep 2017, Das Shculwesen in der Russischen Foderation. Makarevich, K-W. & Wulff, N. (eds.). коллективная монография ed. Берлин : Frank & Timme GmbH, p. 637-651 14 p.

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Data-based models of the global geospace magnetic field: Challenges and prospects of the ISTP era

Tsyganenko, N. A., 1 Jan 1998, Geospace Mass and Energy Flow: Results From the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Program, 1998. Geophysical Monograph Series ed. American Geophysical Union, Vol. 104. p. 371-382 12 p. (Geophysical Monograph Series; vol. 104).

Research outputpeer-review

solar wind
wind variations
magnetic field
magnetic fields


Зеленская, М. С., Власов, Д. Ю., Франк-Каменецкая, О. В. & Манурутдинова, В., 2019, The Effect of the Environment on Saint Petersburgs Cultural Heritage. Results of Monitoring the Historical Necropolis Monuments. Сер. "Geoheritage, Geoparks and Geotourism". Cham, Switzerland: Springer, p. 75-96

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Decision Analysis Tools for Safety, Security, and Sustainability of Ports and Harbors

Parnell, G., Figueira, J., Bennett, S., Bobylev, N., Del Pup, M., Ganoulis, J., Haruvy, N., Menoni, S., Peruzzo, F., Salvi, O., Sargsyan, V., Schlink, U., El Sheltawi, S. & Schnelle, D., 2007, Managing Critical Infrastructure Risks. Springer, p. 260 стр., 245-260

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Decision problems for language equations with Boolean operations

Okhotin, A., 1 Dec 2003, ICALP 2003: Automata, Languages and Programming. Vol. 2719. p. 239-251 13 p. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)).

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Boolean Operation
Decision problem
Arithmetical Hierarchy
Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions
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