Этиология, патогенез и основы профилактики семи метаболических пандемий - "болезней цивилизации".

Владимир Николаевич Титов, Вера Алексеевна Амелюшкина, Александр Владимирович Тарасов

Research output: Book/Report/AnthologyTeaching manualEducation


In the monograph, from the standpoint of the phylogenetic theory of General pathology proposed By V. N. Titov, the causes, conditions of formation and bases of prevention of seven metabolic pandemics, diseases of civilization are described. They are widespread in populations of all highly developed countries of the world; they are seven pathological processes: 1) atherosclerosis and atheromatosis; 2) essential, metabolic arterial hypertension; 3) metabolic syndrome; 4) insulin resistance syndrome; 5) obesity syndrome; 6) non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and 7) endogenous hyperuricemia. Seven metabolic pandemics for a long time are only functional disorders, the development of pathology of which, if the doctor understands what is happening in the body and the great desire of patients, can be prevented. They arise as a result of patients ' abuse of the benefits of civilization. And if you understand the conditions of their formation, give up such pleasant "bad habits", really form an effective prevention of th
Original languageRussian
StatePublished - 2020
Externally publishedYes

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