Etiquette of second remarks in social networks (illustrated with examples of social networking “Country of moms”)

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The paper offers the author’s idea on social networks as a subject for research in the sphere of criticism of media speech, namely, from the point of view of compliance with the etiquette principles in the communication process. As a linguistic material, the social network for parents “country of moms” was chosen: it brings together women of reproductive age to discuss issues related to family and children. Discussion in social networks develops a dispute model, yet it has a spiral structure. This makes it particularly interesting to consider the second remarks of dialogues in terms of possibility or impossibility of turning them into remarks-incentives, which is largely due to their compliance or non-compliance with the norms of network etiquette. In the study, such models of the second remarks as a remark of response, a remark of argument, a question, a blocker question, a blocker remark were defined. It was found that an important manifestation of second remarks’ etiquette is the principle of using citation in them. When the user is focused on the constructive continuation of the dialogue (in remarks-reponses and remarks-arguments), the citation is carried out by means of lexical formulas that are semantic dominants of the discussion and that allow the interlocutors to establish (or confirm) the subject of the dispute, their assessment and behavioral attitudes (motivation). When provoking a refusal to communicate or continue the discussion in a destructive way, this principle of etiquette is not observed: the user either shifts the semantic accents towards semantically less significant, but more advantageous ones from the perspective of the opponent’s speech disorientation elements (this is typical for the blockers - questions), or develops his/her own formulas, engaged in self-citation at each turn of the discussion (in remarks-blockers).
Translated title of the contributionЭтикет вторых реплик в социальных сетях (на примере социальной сети "Страна мам")
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)263-273
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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