Aesthetic Criteria in Journalism in the Aspect of Professional Education

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ience becomes an actual competence for journalists. Factors and components of journalistic content aesthetic evaluation, including temporal-stylistic, documentary, artistic, functional characteristics, as well as parameters of mass character / individuality, standard / uniqueness, make it possible to form basic aesthetic criteria clusters to be considered in journalistic creative work. Clusters of integrity, expressiveness, production and impression, correlated with
professional coordinates, can serve as a basis for developing further parameters for evaluating aesthetic activity in journalism. The aesthetic and functional components interaction in journalistic education meets challenges of the modern media market, expands the range of professional practices and gives hope for humanistic perspectives of the industry. Unlike the subject disciplines in the curriculums, the aesthetics of journalism permeates professional training, synthesizes interdisciplinary interaction and reveals itself in practical product as the most important result of the pedagogical school activities
Translated title of the contributionЭстетические критерии в журналистике в аспекте профессионального образования
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JournalMedia Education (Mediaobrazovanie)
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StatePublished - May 2019

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