Эллипсометрический контроль ВИЧ. Автоволны в ВИЧ-тест-системах

И.Е. Скалецкая, Т.К. Крутицкая, В.Е. Холмогоров, А.В. Бармасов

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The phenomenon of auto-oscillatory kinetics of pseudocell test system’s HIV control elements (product of “Avicenna” company) near the dielectric screen of controlling optical cell is established in the direct polarized-optical experiment. For the first time, using the typical ellipsometer LEF-3M with specialized settings of indicator signal of turning off light UPEM (voltage of photoelectronic multiplier), the abnormal behavior registrograms of this signal during the period of time on the surface of optical cell is received. These registrograms describe the real processes of interaction between test-system’s elements and screen in the field Van-der-Vaals’s dispersive forces. Ellipsometrical observations of interaction between separated components of HIV-test-system and elements of optical cell for investigation of kinetics of heterophased reactions in polarized light are done. As a result of these observations the oscillation processes of adhesion system’s biopolymers are discovered. These effects are interpr

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