Элементы невербального поведения младенцев в возрасте 6 месяцев.

В.Д. Соколова, Е. Е. Ляксо

Research output


The aim of the study was the description of the elements of nonverbal behavior 6 month old normally development infants (n=10). For this purpose the video and audio recordings of infant‘s interaction with their mothers in model situations. The result of this study showed that all infants demonstrated the same nonverbal behavior. The duration and frequency of each of the elements of nonverbal behavior in situations of interaction of the child with the mother and the play in the mother's presence and without it, is different. In the situation of the play with a toy in the presence of the mother of all infants showed the greatest number of behavioral elements. A positive correla-tion between frequency a comfortable vocalizations and child look at the mother was founded. The frequency of comfort vocalizations higher than neutral and discomfort vocalizations in all children in all situations was shown. It is shown that vocalizations, reflecting the discomfort characterized by higher pitch values and the values of
Translated title of the contributionЭлементы невербального поведения младенцев в возрасте 6 месяцев.
Original languageMultiple
Title of host publicationБиологические и социальные основы коммуникации
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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