Экранная рецепция фольклора Северной Европы. Конструирование образа героя и антагониста в кинофильмах СССР и США 1960-х годов.

Нина Юрьевна Спутницкая

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The article is devoted to the history of the first joint production of Mosfilm (USSR) and Suomi-film (Finland) - Sampo . The author analyzes the central images of the film, the artistic structure of the film, revealing the role of literary and picturesque national tradition. Special attention is paid to the role of optical effects and genre features of the film in the fantasy genre. The author attracted unpublished archival materials: scenarios, the proceedings of the meetings of the arts council, letters, documents. Sampo , directed by Ptushko and H. Harrivirta, was the first joint production of Mosfilm and Suomi-film. It was the result of negotiations between the heads of state on building cultural ties between Finland and the USSR. In the course of the research, the author traces the sequential reduction of myth elements in the subject, identifies the features of plot development, ways of representing social conflict, and determines the role and place of ethnographic elements and traditions of national pai
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)248-263
JournalХудожественная культура
Issue number2 (33)
StatePublished - 2020
Externally publishedYes


  • 1960s in Soviet cinema
  • fantasy
  • Kalevala
  • Ptushko
  • Sampo
  • special effects in film
  • Калевала
  • кино и геополитика
  • Птушко
  • Сампо
  • спецэффекты в кино
  • фэнтези

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