Цифровизация интеллектуальной собственности: административные барьеры.

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In the article, the authors consider the transformation of the system of state registration of objects of intellectual activity, as well as the problems associated with the conclusion of contracts for the disposal of intellectual rights in the electronic environment. One of the objectives of the article is to consider how the conditions of the technological revolution will help to reduce costs and legal risks associated with the provision of legal protection and use of the results of intellectual activity, without creating affordable, safe services, appropriate infrastructure, including those provided by the state. At the same time, the authors note that the introduction of progressive technologies requires the elimination of a number of legal obstacles, including the gaps and contradictions in the current legislation. Therefore, the key objectives of the development of public administration in the field of intellectual property are the further implementation of the Digital Economy direction, including improv
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)164-183
Issue number32
StatePublished - 2019
Externally publishedYes


  • conclusion of contracts
  • digitalization
  • electronic form of transactions
  • intellectual property
  • management of intellectual rights
  • provision of public services
  • заключение договоров
  • интеллектуальная собственность
  • оказание государственных услуг
  • распоряжение интеллектуальными правами
  • цифровизация
  • электронная форма сделок

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