Цифровая дипломатия РФ в Сирии: перспективы развития.

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The study analyzes the means of digital diplomacy used by the Russian Embassy in the Syrian Arab Republic. The author highlights the following drawbacks to using the Internet and social networks that can be observed in the work of Russian diplomats with the Arabic-speaking target audience: an insufficient number of messages and informational materials in Arabic, their limited content and diversity, slow publication. The research emphasizes the need to fully apply the whole range of available digital tools to secure Russia’s national interests in Syria and the Arab world. The author concludes that the cooperation of the Arab-world experts and IT specialists with Russian embassies can provide speed, openness, and competitiveness of informational content and therefore contribute to the creation of an alternative source of information that could attract the Arabic-speaking audience and increase their support of Russia in the region.
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)48-51
Issue number9 (74)
StatePublished - 2019
Externally publishedYes


  • arabic
  • digital diplomacy
  • information policy
  • internet
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • social networks
  • Syria
  • target audience
  • арабский язык
  • интернет
  • информационная политика
  • МИД РФ
  • сирия
  • социальные сети
  • целевая аудитория
  • цифровая дипломатия

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