Французская колония и русская национальная окраина в 1845 году: к вопросу о различии принципов имперского управления

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The article deals with the history of the resumption of the institute of governorship in the Caucasus under the leadership of M.S. Vorontsov and how the region’s governance model has changed. In addition to reviewing the history of the departments in whose hands civil administration was in the previous period, an attempt is made to pay attention to such an important element as the separation of powers between the governor and the Caucasus Committee created earlier as the supreme body of civil administration in the Caucasus. The subjective factor (the role of the viceroy’s personality in his relations with the military minister) had a beneficial effect on this distinction and had a positive effect on the constructive work on the joint problem of departments, namely the foreign colonial management experience. A document issued by an official organ of the press of the French Government containing resolutions on the administration of Algeria was in the field of view of Russian officials. The obvious similarity of the situation associated with the management of territories that are in the process of military subjugation, aroused a clear interest in the Russian administration. This led to a translation of the document and a comparative review of Russian and French management methods. In particular, the hierarchy of management, administrative and territorial division, personnel, financial and judicial issues is considered in detail. Analysis of French decrees and Russian initiatives allows them to be analyzed and to identify the main principles that form the essence of the two approaches in the management of territories inhabited by aborigines/«inorodtsy» whose Muslim population continued, in the studied chronological period, to put up armed resistance. All this is disassembled on the basis of a wide material, including unpublished archival sources.
Translated title of the contributionThe French Colony and the Russian National Periphery in 1845 year: to the Issue of the Difference between the Principles of Imperial Governance
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)1594-1602
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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