Формирование представления о вторичной языковой и концептуальной картинах мира у студентов-бакалавров, изучающих иностранный язык

Светлана Андреевна Песина

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With the implementation of the modern theory and methods of teaching foreign languages and cultures, the paper shows using the practical material that the most important role in the formation of the secondary conceptual and linguistic worldview is learning anthropomorphic vocabulary. Based on the postulate of cognitive linguistics that the nomination of surrounding objects, phenomena, animals, etc. is carried out in the image and likeness of how the human body looks, works and functions, the paper discusses issues related to the formation of appropriate lexical competence of students in the field of metaphorical transfers. Since the purpose of teaching a foreign language along with the formation of communicative competence and personal development is the formation of students' secondary conceptual and linguistic worldview, the paper describes these phenomena with the allocation of anthropomorphic linguistic worldview, as the most important component of a holistic conceptual linguistic worldview. The paper shows that the dependence of the basic concepts involved in the learning process on linguistic and cultural factors leads to the fact that they are verbalized and fixed in different linguistic cultures. At the same time, the question of implementation of a communicative and personal approach in teaching foreign languages is reviewed through the prism of the consistent formation of students' respective conceptual and linguistic worldview of the language under study. Teaching vocabulary is carried out taking into account the national and cultural characteristics of the English conceptual worldview, fixed in the linguistic experience of representatives of the linguistic community.

Translated title of the contribution Formation of an idea of the secondary linguistic and conceptual worldview of bachelor's students studying a foreign language
Original languageRussian
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JournalПерспективы науки и образования
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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