Существенное изменение обстоятельств на примере валютных колебаний, климатических условий и изменений нормативного регулирования.

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The question of changing and terminating a contract due to a significant change in circumstances is debatable. In practice, the assignment of certain circumstances to significant changes causes difficulties, since each case requires a detailed analysis of the terms of the contract, the establishment of the actual interest of the parties, and their comparison with the circumstances that occurred. As a result, the positive use of Article 451 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is quite rare. On the one hand, in such a situation, the stability of civil turnover is maintained, which corresponds to the principle of “pacta sunt servanda”. On the other hand, it can disrupt the economic balance of interests. Most often, such problems arise with currency fluctuations, climatic conditions, as well as regulatory changes, and therefore it seems necessary to elaborate on these examples in more detail.
Original languageRussian
Title of host publicationVox Juris. Глас права.
StatePublished - 2019


  • отдельные виды существенного изменения обстоятельств
  • расторжение и изменение договора
  • существенное изменение обстоятельств

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