Суверенитет vs развитие. Экономика Беларуси в контексте актуальных тенденций мирового развития.

В. А. Шамахов, Н. М. Межевич

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


The concept of sovereignty is now a cross-cutting and general scientific problem. In relation to Russian-Belarusian relations, it is primarily related to issues of economic sovereignty. Ideally, the solution of theoretical questions and practical actions in the field of integration should be spaced over time. However, in practice this is not always possible. Country economic models are not a new subject of study. However, there are not many such works in Belarus. In the article, the authors tried not only to indicate significant points of the Belarusian economic model. The need to develop integration within the framework of the union state of Russia and Belarus is practically not disputed by anyone. In practice, however, this integration has been slow. From our point of view, one of the reasons for this situation is the inattention to the fact that over 30 years of post-Soviet development in Belarus, as well as throughout the post- Soviet space, different economic models have developed. Understanding economic
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)10-20
JournalУправленческое консультирование
Issue number6 (138)
StatePublished - 2020
Externally publishedYes


  • Baltic states
  • belarus
  • country features
  • economic model
  • European Union
  • globalization
  • interstate associations
  • public sector
  • Republic of Belarus
  • Russian Federation
  • social policy
  • sovereignty
  • transnationalization
  • беларусь
  • глобализация
  • государства Прибалтики
  • государственный сектор
  • европейский союз
  • межгосударственные объединения
  • республика Беларусь
  • российская Федерация
  • социальная политика
  • страновые особенности
  • суверенитет
  • транснационализация
  • экономическая модель

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