Субъективное переживание гендерного неравенства работающими женщинами

Translated title of the contribution: Subjective Experience of Gender Inequality among Working Women

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The article attempts to analyze the awareness of modern working women of their gender as well as their experience of gender salience in the context of work. One of the mechanisms for maintaining gender inequality in the organization was studied, that was gendered interaction of employees. The protocols of a semi-structured interview with 51 working women of different ages and professional orientations were analyzed. Women perceive gender as a significant factor in their career, which can provide situational advantages, but strategically is perceived as a career barrier. Women are aware of gender when confronted with gender inequality in organization, during transition to motherhood or with a demonstration of sexual interest towards them, as well as with direct reminders of their gender that most often occur in the irrelevant context (at the workplace - 56.86%). Indications of gender, even in the form of jokes, are accompanied by negative emotions (perplexity, shame, anger, disgust). Women's emotions can be the most accurate indicator of micro-aggression and gender discrimination at the organizational level.
Translated title of the contributionSubjective Experience of Gender Inequality among Working Women
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)35-52
JournalПетербургский психологический журнал
Issue number30
StatePublished - 2020




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