Strategic Communication in EU-Russia Relations: Tensions, Challenges and Opportunities

Евгений Николаевич Пашенцев (Author and editor), Дарья Юрьевна Базаркина, Марко Риччери, Пьер-Эммануэль Томанн, Марина Григорьевна Шилина, Мариус Вакарелу, Эрик Вламинк (Author and editor), Олег Петрович Иванов, Александр Копылов, Джулиано Бифолки, Франко Фраттини

Research output: Book/Report/AnthologyBookResearchpeer-review


Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis, the relations between the EU and Russia seem to be in a constant process of deterioration. In an attempt to go beyond traditional analyses, this book wishes to present the underexplored role of strategic communication from a Russian and European perspective and this, through an interdisciplinary approach addressing security, international relations and economic issues. An international team of researchers from the EU and Russia endeavours to provide answers to the major tensions and challenges, in order to create a basis for reconciliation through dialogue and the rethinking of strategic communication in EU-Russia relations. Nine different case studies engage with a variety of issues ranging from geopolitics and security to diplomacy. This book is useful for researchers, specialists and students interested in strategic communication within the context of the current EU-Russia relations.
Translated title of the contributionСтратегическая коммуникация в отношениях России и ЕС: напряженность, вызовы и возможности
Original languageEnglish
PublisherМеждународный центр социально-политических исследований и консалтинга
Number of pages349
ISBN (Print)978-5-00077-717-6
StatePublished - 2018


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