Способ повышения урожайности и качества салата листового в замкнутых агробиотехносистемах.

Александр Иванович Попов (Inventor), Валерий Николаевич Зеленков (Inventor), Вячеслав Васильевич Латушкин (Inventor)

    Research output: Patenting and IP registrationPatent


    <p num="16">FIELD: agriculture.</p> <p num="17">SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, in particular to vegetable growing, and can be used in growing leaf lettuce in closed agrobiotechnological systems. Biopreparation Niva, containing a number of microorganisms, humic components and a complex of micro- and macroelements without lipids, is used in closed agrobiotechnical system in amount of 5 vol.% of aqueous solution once as a foliar top dressing on 18–20th day of vegetation of leaf lettuce.</p> <p num="18">EFFECT: method ensures increase of crop capacity and quality of grown products.</p> <p num="19">1 cl, 2 tbl</p>
    Original languageRussian
    Patent numberRU 2705318
    StatePublished - 18 Dec 2018

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