Способ контроля содержания противотуберкулёзных препаратов основного ряда и их токсичных метаболитов в плазме крови.

Людмила Алексеевна Карцова (Inventor), Светлана Алексеевна Соловьёва (Inventor), Елена Андреевна Бессонова (Inventor)

    Research output: Patenting and IP registrationPatent


    <p num="35">FIELD: chemistry.</p> <p num="36">SUBSTANCE: invention relates to analytical chemistry. A method for controlling the content of anti-tuberculosis preparations (ATP) of the main line and their toxic metabolites in blood plasma involves preparation of blood plasma for chromatographic analysis by adding an antioxidant in form of ascorbic acid, precipitating proteins with an organic solvent, diluting the sample with deionized water at ratio of 1:10, performing analysis by reversed-phase liquid chromatography in a gradient elution mode, detecting ATP signals using a triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometer with electrospray ionization, as controlled ATP pyrazinamide, isoniaside, ethambutol and rifampicin are determined, as toxic metabolites – pyrazine acid, 25-O-deacetyltrifampicin, acetyliso-niazine and isonicotinic acid, measuring analytical parameters of the analyzed sample and comparing them with analytical parameters of chromatographic analysis of the solution of ATP standards with known conce
    Original languageRussian
    Patent numberRU 2702998
    StatePublished - 16 Aug 2018

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