Спорт для всех: медийные ресурсы в продвижении спортивно-массовых мероприятий

Translated title of the contribution: Sport for all: : sport event promotion in local mass media

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The article considers contribution of the local mass media organizations in the popular mass sports organizing and promoting initiatives and the healthy lifestyle encouragement efforts. Local mass media organizations hold critically important positions in the national media landscape of Russia being responsible for public communication, local community consolidation, local popular resource mobilization in the economic, social and cultural domains etc. However, their influences on the physical and spiritual development of the local communities appear to be underestimated at present. Preliminary surveys of the local mass media organizations show that these media clusters are being actively developed, albeit they are still not efficient enough in promoting the local sports as exclusive values of highest importance for consolidation, activation and patriotic education of the local people. In the first stage of the pilot survey, our objective was to set forth the key markers to rate the physical culture and sports covering texts; we explored the existing infrastructure of the local mass media organizations and the websites covering the physical culture and sports in communication with the local audience in the city of Saint Petersburg; analyzed 12 official websites of the municipal district governments; 111 public information platforms of the local municipalities; 80 municipal printed periodicals etc. The article reports the positive and negative aspects we have found in the sport promotion activity of the local mass media organizations.
Translated title of the contribution Sport for all: : sport event promotion in local mass media
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  • Healthy lifestyle promotion
  • Mass media
  • Municipal press
  • Public education
  • Public sport events
  • Sport event promotion technology


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