Scandinavistics by the Prominent Russian Historian Professor Vozgrin

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The article describes the life path and analyzes academic achievements of a prominent Russian
scholar, historian, member of the Danish Royal Academy of Sciences, professor of the Institute
of History of St. Petersburg State University Valery Evgenyevich Vozgrin (1939–2020). The
works of V.E.Vozgrin are well known in all Scandinavian countries, Germany, Italy, Spain, Estonia and other countries. The authors of the article highlight three main areas in his study of
the history of the Scandinavian countries: first — the history of diplomacy and international
relations of the 17th and 18th centuries, particularly, the diplomacy during the Great Northern
War; second — the colonial policy of the countries such as Denmark and Sweden, which has
never been researched by domestic historians; third — historiographic direction in the study
of Scandinavian countries, which has never been developed on such a large scale in Russia
before. Moreover, the analysis of a number of large historiographical works of the researcher
clearly indicates an original style of the author in considering some little-known and very
complex historiographic problems. The article concludes that the research base established by professor Vozgrin for studying the history of the Scandinavian countries has laid a solid foundation for further examination of the history of the Nordic countries as well as for Scandinavistics in St. Petersburg to whose development V.Vozgrin made a considerable contribution.
Translated title of the contributionСкандинавистика выдающегося российского историка профессора Возгрина
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StatePublished - 2020

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  • V.E.Vozgrin
  • history of Denmark
  • history of Sweden
  • Northern War
  • Scandinavistics
  • historiography of Scandinavian countries
  • colonial empires
  • diplomacy and international relations
  • historiography
  • 18th century
  • History of Denmark
  • Colonial empires
  • V. E. Vozgrin
  • History of Sweden
  • Historiography
  • Diplomacy and international relations
  • Historiography of Scandinavian countries

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