Система медицинской реабилитации пострадавших пожилого возраста с тяжелой черепно-мозговой травмой в условиях мегаполиса

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The capacities of systemic standard graded medical rehabilitation were assessed in 469 patients carried out surgical intervention for severe craniocerebral injury at Saint-Petersburg hospitals in 2010-2017. As a result of neurorehabilitation system introduction rates of infectious-inflammatory complications associated with physical inactivity were significantly decreased. An average length of stay at hospital was decreased from 34±5 to 23±4 days. At discharge from neurosurgical hospital the Barthel index of activities of daily living was 42±8 points. After inpatient rehabilitation course an average Barthel index was increased to 70±6 points. And after outpatient rehabilitation course an average Barthel index had reached 70±6 points.

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StatePublished - 2019

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  • Bartel index
  • craniocerebral injury
  • elderly age
  • medical rehabilitation

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