Translated title of the contribution: Symplastic connections of leaf epidermal cells in trochodendron aralioides (Trochodendraceae)

Анатолий Александрович Паутов, Ольга Васильевна Яковлева, Елена Геннадьевна Крылова, Гули Рузмаматовна Трухманова, Ирина Анатольевна Паутова

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Light and transmission electron microscopy were used to study the leaf epidermis of Trocho-dendron aralioides. The presence of plasmodesmata between cells of different types was estimated. The plasmodesmata interconnect the ordinary epidermal cells both with each other and with spongy tissue cells. The primary plasmodesmata in anticlinal walls of the ordinary cells are replaced with numerous secondary plasmodesmata during epidermal development. Our results do not testify to the presence of close symplastic connections between the ordinary epidermal cells and the subsidiary cells of mature stomatal complex. Plasmodesmata exist between all the cells of forming stomatal complex for some time. In the formed complex, half-plasmodesmata between subsidiary cells and guard cells, plasmodesmata between subsidiary cells and spongy tissue cells, and numerous plasmodesmata between subsidiary cells were discovered. It is possible that symplastic connections between subsidiary cells provide coordinated functioning of these cells during stomatal movements. It is proposed that fatty acids can be transposed through plasmodesmata from spongy tissue cells to subsidiary cells where they are accumulated as large lipid inclusions.
Translated title of the contributionSymplastic connections of leaf epidermal cells in trochodendron aralioides (Trochodendraceae)
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)617-625
Number of pages9
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 2019

Scopus subject areas

  • Plant Science
  • Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics


  • Epidermis
  • Guard cell
  • Leaf
  • Ordinary epidermal cell
  • Plasmodesma
  • Subsidiary cell

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