Самоорганизация смысла в диалоге

Translated title of the contribution: SYNERGY OF MEANING IN DIALOGUE

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The author of the article considers the phenomenon of dynamic meaning generation in a dialogue. The starting points are the priority of the recipient's modality in perceiving the meaning of the message and the importance of momentary discursive characteristics when decoding. The most difficult to understand are statements with implications, for their decoding the addressee needs a significant discursive arsenal (background knowledge, knowledge of speaker's personality, understanding of the specific context and speech situation, etc.). In the process of dialogue, when exchanging replicas, interpretation takes place and (often) the transformation of the essence of what has been said. We consider the self-organization of the process of meaning generating and the role of the subjective experience of the addressee in the individual sense-giving, which sometimes leads to a shift in the meaning. For a correct understanding of the addressee's replica, his communicative partner should recognize meaningful symbolic forms in the statement that rely on many operators in his consciousness, attracting possible “preconceptions” and shifting their interpretation in a new direction. Such operators are, for example, standards, special forms of appraisal, means of intensifying of judgments, tropes, etc. The author argues that reinterpretation of the embedded meaning is fundamentally possible because each of us is always in one or another “language state”, which determines the choice of means and strategies for actualizing the speaker's idea and the degree of “deformation” of the original meaning when perceiving an utterance. The dialogue is metaphorically represented by a pendulum: each participant, under the influence of his own subjective psychological state, contributes to the formation of the meaning of the perceived utterance.
Translated title of the contributionSYNERGY OF MEANING IN DIALOGUE
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)49-59
JournalЕвразийский гуманитарный журнал
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StatePublished - 26 Dec 2019

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