Реализация концепта mother в англо-язычной рок-музыке 60х-80х

Translated title of the contribution: MANIFESTATION OF CONCEPT "MOTHER" IN ENGLISH ROCK-MUSIC OF 60S-80S

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The article is dealing with the linguistic units that express the concept of «mother» in English rock music. Definitional framework of the concept mother and its filling in the artwork of rock-musicians became the basis of our research. As a part of study, we have analyzed 300 of rock-compositions of different genres in the timeframe. The analysis has shown the value of lexical units representing the concept of «mother» in the system of linguistic features of rock compositions of 60s-80s period and also reveals the way authors and musicians interpret it. Amongst means of actualization such as different stylistic devices we found following lexemes: mother, mama, ma, mummy, care, love, home, nature. Hence in the idiolect of the majority of authors and performers mother is a parent, a defender, loving and a faithful friend, always ready to give a shelter, which is explicitly expressed by the abovementioned lexemes as well as implicitly with the help of metaphors and antithesis.
Translated title of the contributionMANIFESTATION OF CONCEPT "MOTHER" IN ENGLISH ROCK-MUSIC OF 60S-80S
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)64-70
Issue number5
StatePublished - 25 Jun 2021


  • conceptology
  • linguocultural studies
  • concept «mother»
  • expression
  • defenition
  • means
  • rock-music
  • culture


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