Elaboration of Screening Scales for Mental Development Problems Detection in Russian Preschool Children: Psychometric Approach

Andrey Nasledov, Sergey Miroshnikov, Liubov Tkacheva, Vadim ч Goncharov

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Background: computer-based screenings are usually used for early detection of a child’s mental development problems. However, there are no such screenings in Russia yet. This study aimed to elaborate scales for rapid monitoring of mental development of 3-year-olds. Methods: 863 children took part in the study, among them 814 children of the group Norm, 49 children with developmental delay (DD), including 23 children with symptoms of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). The multifactor study of mental development tool was used as a part of a software complex for longitudinal research for data collection. This study used a set of 233 tasks that were adequate for 3-year-olds. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis was used for the elaboration and factor validation of the scales. The structure of the relationship between scales and age was refined using structural equation modeling. Results: as a result of the research, screening scales were elaborated: “Logical reasoning”, “Motor skills”, “General awareness”, “Executive functions”. The factor validity and reliability of scales were proved. The high discriminability of the scales in distinguishing the “Norm” and “DD” samples was revealed. The developed test norms take into account the child’s age in days and allow identifying a “risk group” with an expected forecast accuracy of at least 90%. The obtained scales meet psychometric requirements for their application and allow creating an online screening system for wide application.
Translated title of the contributionРазработка скрининговых шкал для диагностики проблем в умственном развитии дошкольников в России: психометрический подход
Original languageEnglish
Article number646
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 28 Aug 2020

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