Псевдоимена собственные в народной фразеологии

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The main categorical feature of a proper noun (PN), which distinguishes it from a common noun, is asemanticism. In phraseology, however, a PN acquires a meaning and often – various
connotations. Moreover, phraseologisms can generate pseudo proper nouns full of semantics and expression. The article deals with this kind of phraseology (e.g. Czech za krále Cvrčka, Russian
при царе Горохе, Ukrainian за царя Хмеля, Polish za króla Sasa, Serbian о Кукову дне, на Куково љето, Croatian na Kukovo lijeto, etc.).
Translated title of the contributionPseudoproper nouns in folk phraseology
Original languageRussian
Title of host publicationPropria a apelativa aktuální otázky. Proper Names and Common Nouns - Current Issues
Place of PublicationPraha
PublisherKarolinum - Nakladatelstvi Univerzity Karlovy
ISBN (Print)9788076030077
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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