Посвящение Н.М. Карамзина, адресованное императору Александру I, в китайском переводе «Истории государства Российского». Введение, перевод с китайского и маньчжурского, примечания

Т.А. Пан, Д.И. Маяцкий, Жо-мэй Лю

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The first three volumes of the “History of the Russian State” by N.M. Karamzin were translated into the Chinese language by the student of the Tenth Russian Ecclesiastic Mission in Beijing (1820- 1830) Zakhar Leontievsky. The manuscripts are housed at the three main Oriental collections in St. Petersburg: one at the Russian National Library, two at the Oriental department of the St. Petersburg University Scientific Library and four at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts RAS. Two manuscripts begin with a Chinese translation of Karamzin’s report to the Russian Emperor Alexander I. The copy of the University Library has a Manchu translation of the report. In his report Karamzin describes his work on the compilation of Russian history and compares Russian resistance to the Mongol invasion with the Russian battles against Napoleon that were headed by the Emperor Alexander I. The article gives description of all available copies of the Chinese translation of the “History of the Russian State” by N.M. Karamzin, as well as the first publication of Karamzin’s report with Russian translations from Chinese and Manchu languages.

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JournalПисьменные памятники Востока
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Publication statusPublished - May 2019

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