Показатели заболеваемости и смертности от болезней органов пищеварения в СЗФО России и меры, принимаемые по их снижению

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Aim: to analyze the dynamics of morbidity and mortality from digestive diseases, as well as their causes, in the RF Northwestern Federal District (NWFD). Materials and methods. A statistical analysis was carried out on the basis of the 2007–2017 annual reports of the Medical Information and Analytical Center (MIAC) in St. Petersburg and the reports of the chief gastroenterologists of the Northwestern Federal District subjects. Results. In the RF Northwestern Federal District, an increase in both morbidity and mortality from digestive diseases is observed. The main non-oncological reasons for the development of these disorders include alcoholic liver disease, chronic alcoholic pancreatitis, peptic ulcer complications and NSAID-associated gastropathies. Along with a decrease in the incidence of gastric cancer, an increase in the incidence of colorectal cancer, as well as pancreatic cancer, is observed. A decrease in mortality from all the aforementioned cancer localizations is revealed. Conclusions. The main reasons for the increase in morbidity and mortality due to gastroenterological diseases in the RF Northwestern Federal District include alcohol abuse among the population, inadequate prevention of gastric helicobacteriosis, insufficient expertise of physicians in terms of Helicobacter pylorieradication and cancer prevention.

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