Перо феникса: об особом значении примеси асбеста в керамике Северо-Запада

Маргарита Алексеевна Холкина, Татьяна Матвеевна Гусенцова, Дмитрий Владимирович Герасимов

Research outputpeer-review


Studying ceramics with asbestos in areas where there are no deposits of this mineral allows, on the one hand, to trace contact networks and import routes. On the other hand, cases of the spread of asbestos in the form of raw materials for impurities make it possible to generally assess the value (functional, cultural, social, etc.) that an impurity in ceramics could play for millennia. In order to find an answer to the question about the reasons for transporting asbestos over long distances and its significance, the authors determined the typological and technological features of asbestos ceramics at peripheral monuments (Okhta 1 and Podolia 1) and compared it with other synchronous ceramics from the same complexes. As a result of the analysis, a conclusion was made about the uniqueness of the complex of asbestos and porous ceramics of the considered monuments. The study shows that the main reason for the stability of the tradition of asbestos ceramics, despite all the difficulties in the delivery of raw materials, can hardly be the functional advantage of this additive. In addition to the custom learned from the ancestors of adding asbestos, one can also assume its status value, rarities, transportation distance, communication with ancestors, etc.
Translated title of the contributionPhoenix feather: on the special significance of the inclusion of asbestos in ceramics of the North-West
Original languageRussian
Title of host publicationАрхеология Подмосковья
Subtitle of host publicationМатериалы научного семинара. Выпуск 16
EditorsА.В. Энговатова
Place of PublicationМ.
PublisherИнститут археологии РАН
ISBN (Print)9785943753091
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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    Холкина, М. А., Гусенцова, Т. М., & Герасимов, Д. В. (2020). Перо феникса: об особом значении примеси асбеста в керамике Северо-Запада. In А. В. Энговатова (Ed.), Археология Подмосковья : Материалы научного семинара. Выпуск 16 (pp. 49-60). Институт археологии РАН.