О трутнях и почтовых барышнях: женский труд в почтово-телеграфных учреждениях России в начале XX в.

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Allowing women to work in communications offices created the new, for them, specific profession. Candidates for getting that job were required to have sufficiently high level education. Meanwhile the work itself was believed to be rather mechanical and exhausting than intellectual one. It also imposed some restrictions. Moreover, it supposed women to work side by side with men. This paper explores the situation of the Russian female communications workers at the early 20th century. It studies as their rights and duties, as their attitude to the situation and that of their male colleagues. It identifies the problems stayed actual by the early 20th century. The main focus is on the influence of such specific restrictions as marital requirements on the career opportunities of women and perception of the latter by their chiefs and colleagues. It also concerns the way the men at both positions evaluated women’s working qualities. Finally the paper considers the positive opportunities the women were provided with by their job.
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