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The manuscript is devoted to the history of developing psychological science at St. Petersburg State University, which roots were founded by the work of Russian philosophers at 19th century. The beginning of the organizational forming of psychological branch at Leningrad (St. Petersburg) State University is associated with the establishing the division of psychology later reformed into department of psychology. The first main research at the department managed by Professor B. G. Anan'iev were devoted to complex investigation of human beings which laid on the foundation for the developmental and differential psychology and other areas in psychological science at University in years. The great significance for establishing psychology as science and applied practice in Russia played the achievements of University researchers in engineering psychology and ergonomics. First time in Russia at the department of psychology at SPSU (LSU) were opened the divisions of social and political psychology, the specializations on sport and legal psychology, were established the basis for the developing of many innovative trends in psychological science and practice. The Department of Psychology at SPSU today is effective team of professionals working in the variety of modern research and educational areas of psychology.
Translated title of the contributionOn the formation of psychological science at St. Petersburg University
Original languageRussian
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JournalПсихологический журнал
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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