О составе мелифанита из нефелинсиенитового пегматита массива Сахарйок (Кольский полуостров)

Л. М. Лялина, Г. И. Кадырова, Е. А. Селиванова , А. А.-мл. Золотарёв , Е. Э. Савченко, Т.Л. Паникоровский

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The rare beryllium silicate - meliphanite has been studied in the nepheline syenite pegmatite of Sakharjok massif, at Kola Peninsula, with the purpose to refine the chemical composition of this mineral, particularly in its anionic part. Investigation included infrared (IR) and Raman spectroscopy, chemical and electron microprobe analyses, thermogravimetric analysis, and the single crystal X-ray diffraction. Obtained data confirm the presence of OH-groups in meliphanite from Sakharjok, but fluorine is dominant among anions. Its empirical formula, according to the single-crystal study results and taken into account chemical data, is as following: Ca 4.00 (Na 3.12 Ca 0.88 ) S4.00 (Be 3.60 Si 0.40 ) S4.00 Al 1.00 .(Si 6.74 Be 0.26 ) S7.00 O 24.00 [F 3.33 (OH) 0.51 O 0.16 ] S 4.00. Meliphanite absorbs water during trituration, what should be taken into account in research, IR-spectroscopy in particular.

Translated title of the contributionAbout the composition of meliphanite from nepheline syenite pegmatite of the Sakharjok massif (Kola Peninsula)
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)79-91
Number of pages13
JournalZapiski Rossiiskogo Mineralogicheskogo Obshchestva
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2018

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