Assessment Companies' Digital Transformation Readiness: the Model Structure

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One of the main reasons of digital transformation projects failure is a lack of companies’ readiness. There are several concepts concerning company readiness for digital transformation such as “readiness for digital transformation”, “digital readiness”, “digital maturity”, “digital business aptitude”, and others. In research on digital transformation, these concepts are often mixed and replaced with one another. As a result, existing readiness assessment models evaluate different concepts and the results of the assessment are difficult to transform into practical recommendations. Therefor a readiness assessment model with the structure justified by existing management methodologies and confirmed
by practical cases of successful digital transformation projects is needed.
The study’s result is the structure of the model for assessing companies’ digital
transformation readiness. The model allows to identify barriers to digital transformation considering not only the companies’ current state but its previous development. The structure of the model includes the domains “Systematic management”, “Business processes”, “Enterprise architecture”, “Using of data”, “Human Resource Readiness” and corresponding characteristics. The characteristics, specifying the parameters of readiness in the context of domains, are formed in appliance with management methodologies and
verified by practical cases
Translated title of the contributionОценка готовности компании к цифровой трансформации: структура модели
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAssessment Companies' Digital Transformation Readiness: the Model Structure
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Publication statusPublished - 6 Oct 2019

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