Особенности киноаллюзий в современных англоязычных песнях

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The article deals with the problem of functioning of movie references in modern English songs. Allusion is an intertextual device which has a unique mechanism of apposition of the two contexts - the precedent text and the final text. Thus, an allusion or a reference as an intertextual device is a sign which contains the whole precedent text in one name at the expense of apposition of the two texts. This provides the author of the final text with the ability to save on lexical means and at the same time enrich the final text with the new meaning and increase its expressiveness at the same time. In the context of the modern popular music an allusion (or an allusive name) is to refer to some widely known movie or a TV series. For the final text to be enriched with some new meaning the allusion must be recognized by the reader. A specific feature of movie references is that it is to be recognized not only at the expense of lexical but also graphic means. Functions of movie references cannot be called numerous. Among them the most important is the characteristic of the lyric hero or introduction of a new meaning. A separate issue is songs which function as official soundtracks to popular movies or were written based on them - in this case the reference is made to the whole movie which enriches the song with new meanings. Movie references are an integral part of modern songs, and taking into consideration the globalization and spreading of the English language as an international one they are sure to enrich the final text.

Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)309-311
JournalБалтийский гуманитарный журнал
Issue number2(27)
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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