Осмысленный менеджмент в российском государственном музее: заметки о принципах и приёмах.

Ю.В. Селиванова

Research output: Book/Report/AnthologyTeaching manualEducation


Combining education background and working experience in the fields of museum studies and management, the author identifies, in her opinion, the basic problems –– these of mentality and profession –– which impede the efficiency of management in Russian state museums. In the text recommendations on the possible solution or annulment of these problems are suggested. Among the prescriptions are application of marketing as a strict taking account of the existence of target audience and its needs (1), creation of these needs (2), the “site-specificating” of museum offers (products, services, etcetera) that necessarily include new knowledge (3), usage of contemporary art's potential and invitation of its representatives for cooperation (4), forming of a balanced (“weighted”) team (5), determing expected results (6). Complex consideration of the problems, author's understanding of museum marketing and management, formulated principles and methods of responsible and conscious management constitute the scientific and
Original languageRussian
StatePublished - 2019
Externally publishedYes


  • contemporary art
  • efficiency
  • leisure services market
  • life quality
  • museum audience
  • museum management in Russia
  • museum mission
  • museum staff
  • proactive museum marketing
  • site-specificity
  • аудитория музеев
  • качество жизни
  • миссия музея
  • персонал музеев
  • проактивный музейный маркетинг
  • результативность
  • рынок досуговых услуг
  • сайт-специфичность
  • современное искусство
  • управление российским музеем

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