A. Khitev, A. Yurkov

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Issues which make engineers choose and use work time organizing systems are reviewed
in this article. In addition, an overview of modern applications from this segment is provided and
a notes system is proposed as a simple and effective tool to increase workflow effectiveness.
And finally, requirements, model and development principles for an application to solve all these
issues are described. The application was developed on the basis of the Spring Boot framework
with partial use of the Domain Driven Development ideas. It has a good level of code coverage by
autotests due to using the Test Driven Development. For posting of source codes in the Internet,
the GitHub repository and the free open source software GPL v3 license have been chosen. The
developed organizer helps to avoid waste of time for searching old data in case of work resumption
under tickets suspended some time ago due to systematization of all required information, files
and sub tasks. Regular using of the organizer makes it possible to increase efficiency of a software
engineer’s and the whole development team’s work through minimization of time taken by routine
operations connected with search for and use of project related information.
Translated title of the contributionОрганайзер для программного инженера - новое специализированное решение
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)37-46
Issue number1(85)
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2020

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