Об эстетике аудиовизуальной журналистики

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During the recent quarter of the XXI century the development of new technologies, introduced into the process of creating and broadcasting an audiovisual product, has had a significant impact on the change in the television journalism aesthetics and exacerbated the problem of the correlation and interaction of semantic and emotional, aesthetic and ethical in TV journalism. The article considers such problems as the influence of technology on the television journalism creativity, the perception of aesthetic information by the viewer. The author divides the aesthetic information in documentary programs into focused (foregrounded) and non-focused aesthetics and pays attention to changing the semantic and emotional perception of the screen image depending on the explanatory text. It is noted that one of the significant problems of modern audiovisual media is, on the one hand, the expansion of the segment of operative amateur shooting, and, on the other hand, aesthetization of documentary programs to the detriment of their objectivity and content.

Translated title of the contributionOn Aesthetics of Audiovisual Journalism
Original languageRussian
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Publication statusPublished - 2018

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