Образ женщины-правительницы в родословных древах XVII века: гендерный аспект.

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In the 17th century after the Troubles in the Russian state, there are family trees designed to legitimize the new dynasty. Family trees reflect the worldview of the early Modern man and his perception of the female image, in this case, the princely or royal. The image of a woman ruler was important and closely intertwined with the Patriarchal foundations of society in the 17th century it fully corresponded to traditions and Christian beliefs. In this connection, the gender characteristics of women were also defined which were transmitted through visual art. Princess Olga became the epitome of a woman ruler. The Russian tsarina could act as an authoritative figure and even have certain regalia of tsarist power.
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)1-6
Issue number6
StatePublished - 2020


  • family trees
  • gender approach
  • pre-Petrine Russia
  • the image of a female ruler
  • гендерный подход
  • допетровская Русь
  • образ женщины-правительницы
  • родословные древа

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