Мученичество святого Марина (Eus. HE, VII, 15)

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The article examines the story about the legionary Marinus’ execution, preserved by Eusebius of Caesarea in his «Church History» (HE, VII, 15). The article briefly explores the history of Christianity in Caesarea Palestinae and analyzes the text of Eusebius. Eusebius heard the story about Marinus either from bishop Theotecnus, a personage of this narration, or from the inhabitants of Caesarea. Marinus is the first Christian warrior
whom we know by name. We can say nothing about the exact date and circumstances of these events: the martyrdom most likely occurred at the end of the joint rule of Valerian and Gallienus or in the beginning of Gallienus’ sole rule. The Eastern part of the Empire at that time was controlled by the usurper Macrianus, who hated Christians, and the «peace of Gallienus» probably did not extend to this territory. Unlike many other martyrdoms, in this case an obvious denunciation by a competing colleague, who accused Marinus of being unable to sacrifice to the emperors, caused the condemnation of a Christian. Marinus himself
obviously did not see in that any problem, as it was not seen by the other Christian centurions either (for example, Marcellus, who lived in the time of Diocletian). Marinus was beheaded without turning his execution into a spectacle. The legend relates the execution of Marinus with the martyrdom of the senator Asterius. This tradition begins with the Latin translation of the «Church History» by Rufinus, however Eusebius’ original text does not
give any grounds for this.
Translated title of the contributionThe Martyrdom of St. Marinus (Eus. HE, VII, 15)
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