Музейно-краеведческое строительство на Северном Кавказе в 20-е годы XX в.

Лидия Ивановна Краснокутская, Владимир Сергеевич Краснокутский

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The paper reveals one of the topical themes of the development of historical local studies and its influence on the state Museum construction in the North Caucasus. This study focuses on the 1920s. This period is one of the most difficult. Pre-revolutionary museums were transformed into the county ones, as well as the first national museums were established during this period. The authors examined the contribution of D.M. Pavlov, the representative chief science of the People’s Commissariat of national education of the RSFSR for the North Caucasus, the authorized Caucasian Committee of the Glavmuseum for the North Caucasus. His interaction with associates, who shared his fundamental views on the development of the local studies, museum sciences, on the preservation of cultural heritage, such as: V.R. Apukhtin, S.A. Gatuyev, N.M. Yegorov, M.I. Yermolenko, B.M. Gorodetsky, G.N. Prozritelev, A.A. Takho-Godi, was also examined. The importance to the organizational role of the committees, historian congresses at t
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)95-99
Issue number6 (74)
StatePublished - 2020
Externally publishedYes


  • Council for the survey of the region
  • local studies
  • Museum "Lermontov's House"
  • museum business
  • North Caucasian Institute of local history
  • North Caucasian Museum Committee
  • provincial and regional national museums
  • губернские и областные национальные музеи
  • краеведение
  • музей "Домик Лермонтова"
  • музейное дело
  • Северо-Кавказский институт краеведения
  • Северо-Кавказский музейный комитет
  • Совет по обследованию края

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