Кто – кого? – о компонентах синтаксической фраземы <p – n1 отдыхает> в русском устном дискурсе

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This article examines one of the components of the syntactic phraseme < P - N1 is resting>. It is important to note that the element P of the considered construction in the context can be named and described, and can only be described. It can be a person (Lena, Terekhov, Timur, a luxury blonde in black), sometimes even participating in a conversation, an object (face), an event (football match), or even an abstract concept (postmodernism). The observations are based on examples from the National Corpus of the Russian Language, as well as recordings of the spoken language of Crimean residents. The findings can be useful in lexicographic and university practice of teaching the modern Russian language.
Original languageRussian
Title of host publicationЯЗЫК. КУЛЬТУРА. ЛИЧНОСТЬ
EditorsТ. Е. Баженова
Place of Publication Самара
PublisherООО "Научно-технический центр"
ISBN (Electronic)978-5-98229-460-9
StatePublished - 2021
EventXIV научная филологическая конференция молодых ученых «ЯЗЫК. КУЛЬТУРА. ЛИЧНОСТЬ» - Самара
Duration: 18 Dec 202019 Dec 2020


ConferenceXIV научная филологическая конференция молодых ученых «ЯЗЫК. КУЛЬТУРА. ЛИЧНОСТЬ»

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