Кризис и конфликт в современных российских медиа

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Information and the sphere of its distribution are increasingly asserting themselves, not only as the main tool for influencing public opinion, but also as the very reason for the existence of a visible or imitative political process as such. Modern media is actively involved in the formation of the agenda. The media and the QMS, as they currently exist, are a structure of a political nature and character. By presenting a particular precedent, they legitimize in the eyes of the public the possibility and legitimacy of such an event, preparing the masses to accept the agenda proposed by the political elites through the controlled actors of the media sphere as the norm. A study of the discourse on conflictogenity modern media has never been more relevant in the framework of modern conflict, which, due to its interdisciplinary tools are able to explain the essence of the crisis in modern media, especially in the interval of protest activity. The object and subject of the research: the processes of influence of the media sphere on the formation of conflict in society, the political aspects of generating the discourse of hostility by modern mass media. The methodological basis of this article is the critical discourse analysis developed by Ten Van Dijk. The research is also methodologically based on the concept of patterns of building the discourse of “alien”, developed by I. M. Dzyaloshinsky, M. I. Dzyaloshinskaya. The author of this article attempted to answer the question of the place of modern conflictology in conflict resolution in the media sphere.
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)132-158
Issue number1
StatePublished - 11 Mar 2021

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