И снова Грозный Иван, или О новой книге американского ученого

Translated title of the contribution: And again ivan the terrible or about a new book by the American Scholar

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The study of the epoch of the first Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible is an inexhaustible theme for the humanities, the object of constant attention in culture, and a very specific part of a historical memory. There are so many works dedicated to this period that some years ago a new term emerged - "groznovedenie" (the study of Ivan the Terrible) - which is related to exploration of this period of the Russian history. An object of this article is a new book written by a renowned American scholar Charles J. Halperin. He is one of the world's leading historians of medieval Muscovy. He is also well-known for his works on George Vernadsky, on the history of the Golden Horde as well as on many other complex problems of Russian history. The book summarizes the results of his long-standing research into the epoch of Ivan the Terrible and his contemplation upon the Russian history. The authors of this article stress the unbiased attitude of Charles Halperin to this very complex epoch with its various problems. They point out the American scholar's perfect knowledge of the Russian and Western historiography, and of a wide range of historical sources. In contrast to some western scholars, Halperin recognizes authenticity of these sources. A notable feature of the book written by Galperin is a variety of new, original and fresh interpretations and conclusions related to all periods of Ivan's reign, among which there is a phenomenon of the Oprichnina. The historian not only places this period within a wide historical context, but constantly makes many interesting comparative-historical parallels. The authors of the article do not agree with some of Galperin's ideas and statements, but they are fully confident that this book is a remarkable contribution to "groznovedenie".

Translated title of the contributionAnd again ivan the terrible or about a new book by the American Scholar
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