Интерфейс новостная лента: «механика вовлечения» и негативное влияние на пользователя

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The mass use of social networks arouses interest from researchers in order to study the effects of their impact on humans. There are numerous empirical proofs of the negative influence exerted by social networks on the user. It has been shown that social networks are associated with depression, social and academic problems, as well as anxiety disorders. However, research on the causes of such a negative impact is mainly focused on the features of user interaction within the platform, the published content, as well as on the psychological state of users. This article examines the ways of involving the user in the information environment of the Internet using the "news feed" interface and analyzes the harm caused to the user by this particular interface solution. The news feed is the most common interface of social networks. The key properties of the news feed (aggregation of publications, updatability, imitation of infinity, control through scrolling) are given and a model of the mechanisms of user involvement in the dynamic information content of these interface solutions that have a negative impact on the user's psyche is proposed. The ways of reducing the negative impact of the mechanics of the interface of the news feed of social networks on the user are considered. It is proposed to replace the endless scrolling with displaying each next group of publications only by pressing a special button by the user, which will give him the opportunity to stop and think about the usefulness of further viewing materials, and also leads to a decrease in the effect of automatic scattered scrolling of the tape. Another way to stop uncontrolled scrolling can be to display the time spent by the user in a social network, with a suggestion to stop or ask a question about the psychological well-being of the user after viewing a certain number of news messages.

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