Инновации в американской поэзии (на примере творчества Т. Элиота)

Translated title of the contribution: INNOVATIONS IN POETRY BY T.S. ELIOT

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingArticle in an anthologypeer-review


The article deals with the problem of the verse construction introduced by T.S. Eliot and discussed in his artless on poetry. The main idea lies in the view that in comparison with Romantic poets, T.S. Eliot pays less attention to his personal feelings when writing, yet the rhythm of the poetry, the eco-elements, mirror-like elements, experiments with the language constitute a special kind of poetic mood that allows the reader to interpret it in a special, pre-determined way.
Translated title of the contributionINNOVATIONS IN POETRY BY T.S. ELIOT
Original languageRussian
Title of host publicationТекст и дискурс в зеркале антропоцентризма
Subtitle of host publicationСборник научных статей, посвященных юбилею профессора Елизаветы Георгиевны Хомяковой
EditorsТ.И. Петухова
Place of PublicationСПб.
ISBN (Print)978-5-00045-891-4
StatePublished - 2020


  • poetry
  • innovations
  • imagination

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