Имплантируемое устройство для хирургического лечения грыжи пищеводного отверстия диафрагмы.

Дмитрий Феликсович Черепанов (Inventor), Сергей Станиславович Ельцин (Inventor), Бадри Валериевич Сигуа (Inventor), Александр Борисович Гуслев (Inventor)

    Research output: Patenting and IP registrationPatent


    <p num="45">FIELD: medicine.</p> <p num="46">SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medical equipment, namely to an implantable device for surgical management of hernia of esophageal opening of a diaphragm. Device comprises a base of biocompatible material, made on one side with coating, resistant to adhesion. Base has a cutout for its placement around the esophagus, as well as at least one incision connecting the incision with the base edge. Base is made with possibility of preservation of the shape attached to it, in the base the lugs are fixed, which are made with the possibility of preservation of the shape attached to them for fixation around the oesophageal opening of the oesophageal opening when the device is installed.</p> <p num="47">EFFECT: more reliable fixation of the implanted device, reduced intraoperative injures, reduced probability of complications and a recurrent hernia of the esophageal opening of the diaphragm.</p> <p num="48">18 cl, 12 dwg</p>
    Original languageRussian
    Patent numberRU 2698996
    StatePublished - 19 Jun 2018

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