Дискурсивность понимания профессионализма в современной журналистике

Translated title of the contribution: Discourse on Professionalism in Modern Journalism

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The article presents the results of studying professional discourse on the boundaries of professionalism in modern journalism. The author proceeds from the ideas of the need to rethink professionalism in the context of digital transformation. Based on the discourse and institutional approach and the concept of institutional logic, the author analyzes interviews with journalists about the profession published over the past three years in professional and socio-political news outlets. Based on Russian and foreign studies of professionalism in journalism over the past six years, the author suggests using discourse analysis to identify the dynamics of ideas about the profession. Previous studies have confirmed the reliability of the method in studying the components of professionalism. In this article, discourse analysis was supplemented by interpretation of institutional logics. The results of the study show that the dominant discourse is anchored in such ideas as preserving the traditions of journalism, articulating the values and mission of journalism, focusing on the best examples of journalistic practice, observing ethical standards, transparency of ideological positions and editorial policy. In general, for the professional discourse of the past three years, there has been a request to discuss the problem of unity within the community. It is concluded that journalists have adapted to modern professional conditions associated with technological changes; however, there is nostalgia for traditional journalistic practices of the past, since modern practices reflect uncertainty of the present, that is a situational choice of values and morality. Radical moods are also present in the discourse: the profession does not exist, the community is split, the search for consensus is impossible.
Translated title of the contributionDiscourse on Professionalism in Modern Journalism
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)127-139
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2020


  • Professionalism
  • professional discourse
  • neoinstitutionalism
  • journalism values

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