«Глобальная Британия» в преддверии брекзита.

К.А. Годованюк, Елена Владимировна Ананьева

Research output: Book/Report/AnthologyTeaching manualEducation


The monograph analyzes the UK foreign policy after the UK EU membership referendum. Against the backdrop of Brexit along with the crisis of Euro-Atlantic solidarity, the UK authorities had to redesign strategic priorities of its foreign policy. The concept of «Global Britain» suggested in response to a rapidly changing international environment needs yet to be finalized. Although the authorities have suggested the conceptual basis for post-Brexit foreign policy, the new Conservative government under B. Johnson is to resolve numerous dilemmas such as to ensure its new status with the EU and the «special relationship» with the US, to formulate the fully-fledged strategy towards Beijing and its long-term Russian strategy. The coronavirus crisis will certainly speed up the development of UK policy towards China and correct the UK-US «special relationship». The post-pandemic UK will be adjusting its foreign strategy to a new world order with high level of information confrontation and economic competition.
Original languageRussian
StatePublished - 2020
Externally publishedYes


  • covid-19
  • африка
  • брекзит
  • великобритания
  • внешняя политика
  • Глобальная Британия
  • индия
  • иран
  • латинская Америка
  • международные отношения
  • Соединённое королевство
  • сша
  • япония

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