«Где ты, страждущая душа, моей родная? Что там развеяно, по мирам угасшим?!».

Татьяна Фёдоровна Куприянова

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Тhe Article is devoted to the emigrant period of the writer Ivan Shmelev's creative work. The focus is on the epic "Sun of the dead", written a few months after arriving in France, and a collection of articles published by the writer in various Newspapers between 1924 and 1950. The report examines the problem: whether the motives that defined the expression of thematic lines and became fundamental in the material of the first work of the writer of the emigration times found continuation in the publicistic speeches of I. S. Shmelev of different years.
Original languageRussian
Title of host publicationЭмиграция как текст культуры: историческое наследие и современность.
StatePublished - 2020
Externally publishedYes


  • epic
  • I. S. Shmelev
  • russia
  • russian emigration
  • soul
  • theme
  • unity
  • душа
  • И. С. Шмелёв
  • литература русского зарубежья
  • тема России
  • эпопея

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