Influence of technogenic factors on the engineering and geological conditions of the gas plant territory in the Orenburg region

Nadezhda Korvet, Maria Zavodchikova, Marina Lazdovskaya

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The engineering and geotechnical conditions of the site of the helium plant in the Orenburg region are characterized. The possibility of its technogenic pollution has been identified by the results of literary and stock sources, as well as by engineering and geological surveys. The reason for the formation of pollution sites is substantiated. This fact is confirmed by analyzes of assessing the composition of groundwater and the physicomechanical properties of loess soils that make up the upper part of the geological section. Groundwater is characterized by increased mineralization, which is mainly caused by the high content of sulfates, chlorides, magnesium and calcium. Also, there is an increased content of ammonia, the smell of gasoline. Studies of the soil properties showed that it almost lost subsidence properties, with the exception of isolated cases. The subsidence of individual soil samples taken from a depth of 13.0-20.0 m is inexplicable by natural causes due to the impossibility of steeping them, taking into account the hydrogeological conditions of the site. It indicates an irreversible effect of leaks of chemical reagents on the soil. The established engineering and geological features of soils and their behavior along the depth of the section are confirmed by test results presented in the form of tables and graphs. The presented information is of great practical and scientific importance for predicting changes in the characteristics of the geological environment during technogenic pollution at oil and gas facilities. The feasibility of amending regulatory documents for a detailed study of this problem in accordance with existing recommendations and scientific developments is proposed.

Translated title of the contributionВлияние техногенных факторов на инженерно-геологические условия территории газоперерабатывающего завода в Оренбургской области : Актуальные проблемы зеленой архитектуры, гражданского и экологического строительства 2019 (TPACEE 2019)
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTopical Problems of Green Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering 2019 (TPACEE 2019)
Place of PublicationМосква
Number of pages11
StatePublished - 5 May 2020

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NameE3S Web of Conferences
PublisherEDP Sciences
ISSN (Print)2555-0403

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